British Manufacturing

A quintessentially British brand, Dassi is committed to manufacturing in Britain.

A partnership with manufacturers from the Formula One supply chain draws on advanced technologies enabling the creation of unique carbon moulds, aerospace grade carbon composites and the ability to utilise Graphene, which is not only a British invention but also manufactured in Britain.

Creating the frame moulds in carbon fibre, rather than steel, means less post production processing, and higher quality frames which is predominantly down to the coefficient of thermal expansion.



Custom painting

Red, black or sky blue ginger - the choice is absolutely yours. Once you have placed a deposit on a Dassi bike you will be guided through the personalisation process with our design team. It’s not just paint by numbers, each Dassi bike is unique and we call upon our experienced artists to provide a high quality paint finish which will set your bike apart from the rest.

You’ll be able to choose from an unlimited range of colours and four lacquer finishes, to create an ‘individually British’ custom frame to suit your personality.

Bringing your vision to life.

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Hand Assembly

Every Dassi bike has been lovingly crafted and customised to the individual’s specifications and component choices. Each bike is then hand assembled in Britain with meticulous care and attention to ensure that your ride is ready for the roads.

The Dassi bike delivers a balanced geometry perfectly attuned to the rider. Designed to be responsive, light, stiff and perfect for all road conditions, but especially at home in the hills.


Inspired by fresh ideas & bold approaches.