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How Much Does the Dassi Interceptor Cost?

This is a question we get a lot, and justifiably so. The simple answer is that a Dassi Interceptor frame, forks and seatpost costs £5995 including UK VAT. The more accurate answer takes a little more probing, however.

What are you getting for that?

The frameset is designed to offer the best combination of stiffness, comfort, aerodynamics and handling possible. The geometry is designed to be sharp through the corners whilst staying stable and predictable at speed—perfect for any road. The tube profiles are optimised to give a balance between wind-cheating speed and ride quality. The carbon technology, however, is where the Interceptor really stands out.

Normal carbon frames are composed of two parts: carbon fibre strips to give the bike shape and an epoxy resin to hold them together. We mix graphene—the Nobel Prize-winning wonder material—into our resin, meaning that the carbon fibres are held together much more strongly, evenly and efficiently. These closer bonds make for a stiffer frame, but also one which soaks up vibration more easily. It’s normally necessary to choose between stiffness and comfort when designing a frame, but thanks to our graphene the Interceptor has both.

The price of the frameset also includes a unique paint job. When we say unique, we mean unique, and designs really can be anything. Our graphic designer liaises with each customer so that the finished product is a perfect extension of them. National flags, iconic mod designs, personal histories or anything else—we can do it.

What about the build?

Build specification is where pricing gets the most complicated. As with the paintwork, we believe that a bike should reflect its rider and so custom equip each machine we sell. Again, the end product depends on you.

All our clients are looking for something special when they buy a Dassi, so even the less exotic equipment choices are something special. A more ‘standard’ build would be as follows:


Frame, forks and seatpost Dassi Interceptor Graphene
Groupset Campagnolo Record mechanical
Wheels Campagnolo Shamal Mille
Handlebars Deda Superleggera
Stem Deda Superleggera
Tyres Vittoria Corsa G+
Saddle Prologo Scratch 2 Nack


Depending on the precise choices and any extras, the price for this Dassi Interceptor would typically be £8000 to £9000.

Some customers choose a super-deluxe state-of-the-art build, however. Something along the following lines, for example:


Frame, forks and seatpost Dassi Interceptor Graphene
Groupset SRAM Red ETap
Wheels Lightweight Meileinstein Obermayer Schwarz edition
Handlebars and stem Cinelli Ram 3 one-piece
Crankset THM Clavicula
Brakes THM Fibula
Tyres Veloflex Carbon
Saddle Fizik Antares 00
Bottom bracket CeramicSpeed
Rear derailleur cage CeramicSpeed


Naturally the price for this is considerably higher than the first build. Delivery times can also increase, as some component manufacturers, such as Lightweight, make their top-end products to order. The price of a super-deluxe Dassi Interceptor is upwards of £14,000.

There is no limit on how much a bike can be customised. Each machine reflects its rider, and they vary in cost as such.

A Dassi is an investment. An investment that will leave you grinning from ear to ear, time and time again. How would yours look?

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