Purchasing one of our bikes is an exciting process – and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when choosing and customising your machine.

Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently, which we hope will put your mind at ease before deciding on a Dassi.


What’s the difference between 3K weave and unidirectional carbon?

3K weave is mainly used on our frames and wheels as a final outer layer for aesthetic reasons. Weight-for-weight, unidirectional carbon is stronger.

Can carbon frames be repaired if damaged?

Good news... Damaged carbon frames can often be repaired. However, this should only be carried out by specialist repairers – using ultrasound – to ensure any hidden damage is fully understood. Bonding over and repainting a crack, for example, will not recover the strength and integrity of a frame, and issues will soon reappear.

Is it safe to ride with a cracked frame?

A crack in your frame can instantly become a catastrophic failure without warning – resulting in a fall at best. Don’t risk a car accident, impalement or worse; be sensible, stay safe, and get the damage inspected and repaired.

Where can I buy touch-up paint for my Dassi bike?

As all our frames are custom-painted, we are your go-to supplier for touch-up paint. We offer this in small pots, to the exact paint code, as required.

Do you offer a repainting service?

Yes. Please get in touch, and we’ll arrange a quote for you – whether you’d like your current design refreshed, or a new one applied.

How do I choose the components for my bike?

With a vast array of combination to use can feel overwhelming. Many factors need considering, including budget, style of riding, purpose and rider weight. At Dassi, we can help you understand all your options before you buy – for complete peace of mind that the parts you select will satisfy your requirements.

What is the maximum tyre size for my Dassi?

The Aero Road frame and the TT frame both accept a maximum tyre size of 700c x 25mm.

When replacing a chain, should I also replace my cassette?

If you keep replacing your chain in good time, your chainrings and cassette can last the same amount of time as up to four or five chains, depending on your riding conditions. However, if you’ve been using an excessively worn chain, you’ll have caused damage and wear to your cassette and chainrings – so you’ll need to replace these items prematurely.

What size of frame should I ride?

There are many different methods to attain the correct frame size – from a simple leg measurement through to the latest bike fit systems, using lasers. The real key for a perfect fit, though, is an experienced fitter. That’s why we recommend, and include, a full bike fit assessment with our bike builds… carried out by a Dassi expert. During your session, your bicycle’s stem, handle bar, crank lengths and saddle will be selected according to your exact needs – as opposed to a simple scaling-up formula used by many of the high-volume manufacturers on the market.