From the very beginning Dassi has taken a different road; inspired by fresh ideas, bold approaches, and influenced by the technologies used in Formula 1 and aerospace. Dassi are working tirelessly to establish our place as industry pioneers and contribute to the development of the British cycling market.

Born in the mind of a British aerospace design engineer Stuart Abbott, creating one machine at a time, in Britain. Developed and individually tailored around you; the rider. Delivering to the highest degree of personalisation possible your bike is unique as you are.

This is Dassi.

Dassi were founded in Hampshire by a Rolls Royce aerospace engineer. That meant fresh ideas and bold approaches, influenced by the technologies and solutions of flight and space. A world of computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and 3D printing. Today, those beginnings are shown in every British built Dassi carbon fiber machine. Ride one, and you will feel how the Dassi experience puts you ahead of the pack.