Mike Tomlinson and his team take on the Ride to Rio

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Cast your mind back to March, and you’ll no doubt remember our tale of Mike Tomlinson and his team of talented supporters – including TV presenter and Dassi rider Charlie Webster and ex-Rugby-League professionals Keith Senior and Paul Highton.

Well, Monday 27th June is the day the group are setting off on their ride to Rio… and they need your help!

Festival fun in Farnham: we’ll be at Bike!

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Don’t get us wrong – big-city bike shows are beyond exciting (and we’ve been to a fair few, from the London Bike Show to the Tri Expo in Manchester). But there’s something extra special about exhibiting at an event a little closer to home.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ll be showcasing our #IndividuallyBritish bicycle at Bike, Farnham Maltings’ festival of cycling, taking place on Sunday 10th July.

Electronic or mechanical mechanisms? Our top five reasons to ‘switch gear’

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Are you the kind of person who prefers putting pen to paper to making a quick note on your phone? Would you rather relax with a hardback than a tablet? And do you love taking your bike to bits, embracing the artistry of your hobby and the inner workings of the machine that drives you to peak performance?

If so, no doubt you’ve shunned electronic or wireless shifting mechanisms until now. But it’s time to give them a try, as Dassi now offers a range of high-tech options from Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM that might just make your next bicycle your best yet.

Can your bike fit really affect your ride?

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We’ve all been into a bike shop, perused their offering and pulled a few out for a quick spin around the car park. Some of you might have taken things a step further and had bikes specially fitted to you, or adapted yours yourself. But what’s different about how Dassi does it? And can our technique really make a difference to how you ride?