Why rest is sometimes best: Dassi’s guide to effective recovery

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Your wheels spin, the hours pass, and the miles roll by. Your muscles ache, your body grows tired, and your legs start to tell you they need to stop. We all know that rest is important, but it’s also a subject surrounded in mystery; how much is too much? When, where and how is it best to relax after a hard day on the bike?

If you’re feeling weak and washed out, become irrational, experience headaches, have a lack of energy for other activities, see a sudden loss of appetite or start struggling to sleep, you’ve no doubt over trained and it’s time to take a break.

As the Tour de France competitors take their rest day off, we’re busting the myths and telling the truth about taking them. Read ahead and see if you know recovery fact from fiction.

Team Africa Rising: the Rwandans take on their first UK tour, with Dassi

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Imagine if one in every five of us were to disappear, fallen at the hands of a corrupt government. In Rwanda, 22 years ago, this genocide became a tragic reality – with up to a million people killed in murders planned by members of the core political elite.

Today, talented athletes from the country are standing united to bring pride, joy and ambition to the country that suffered so much. They’ve turned Rwanda into a cycling nation in just eight short years. They’re acting as ambassadors for their homeland, competing in some of the world’s most notable events. And now they’re coming to the UK for the first time to show Britain just what they’re capable of, sponsored by Dassi.

Introducing Team Africa Rising.

Dassi to support Team Rwanda in UK Tour

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On 7 July 2016, a team of the best young U23 cyclists from Team Rwanda, the national cycling team of Rwanda, arrive at Heathrow for our first ever UK racing tour - taking part in 12 elite road races and criteriums in four weeks across the country - competing as Team Rwanda-Dassi. A full race schedule and further information can be found on the tour's website here.

Dassi’s guide to battling a bad day on the bike

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The business of cycling, quite literally, has its ups and its downs. No matter how much you’ve trained and how tough or talented a rider you are, there will always be times where it seems like everything is against you. Just look at Alberto Contador, for example, who took a tumble in the opening stage read about his defiance despite the crash here.

The key to battling a bad day on the bike is to be prepared – and to be aware of how to fix the details that so often go wrong.

A whistle-stop tour of Le Tour de France

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Whether you’re new the world of cycling, or an event expert who’s a little tight on time, we’ve compiled a five-minute guide to this year’s Tour de France. Read ahead and get up to speed before the start.