Dassi Graphene Interceptor ™ features as The Observer’s Bicycle of the Week

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This week saw the Dassi Interceptor™ in Graphene feature as The Observer’s Bicycle of the Week. The Interceptor™ was reviewed by the paper’s Motoring Editor Martin Love, who described the Graphene frame as “carbon plus plus”. A slightly longer version of Martin’s article can be on The Guardian's Bike Preview : Dassi Interceptor™.

The bike featured in the picture is painted, under special arrangement, in Lamborghini Orange. The graphics on every Dassi bike are uniquely designed by our in-house graphic designer to the owner’s individual vision of their ideal bike. Saddle covers and handle bars can be matched to the graphics, using a variety of high quality fabrics. We offer a choice of paint finishes, which are all hand sprayed.

Graphene was discovered by two scientists, Geim and Novoselov who were working at the University of Manchester trying to isolate a single layer of graphite. Their success earned them a Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb like lattice structure. We add a tiny percentage of Graphene to the carbon epoxy mix and then apply an electrical charge to ensure that the Graphene is evenly distributed through the carbon fibre.

Currently the addition of Graphene produces a strength and weight benefit. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, harder than diamond and yet lighter than paper. As it is only one atom thick, just one gramme of Graphene is estimated to cover an area as large as a football pitch. That’s why the addition of just 1% Graphene results in a weighting saving of around 30% over pure carbon fibre.

But the advantages of Graphene don’t stop there, it is also a fantastic conductor of electricity and has great hydrophobic properties, which we intend to exploit in future models of the Graphene Interceptor™.

The 2016 production of Graphene frames is limited to just 25, which are currently being manufactured here in the UK, for delivery to customers by the end of the year. If you’ve been really, really good, you might just find one under your Christmas Tree !

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