Endurance Training - Advice from someone who knows

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Are you training for an endurance event ? We caught up with Sgt. Sue Pugh of the RAF to hear how she prepares for major challenges…

How do you find the time for that? Is a question I so often get asked by friends outside of triathlons and work. Yes, training for Ironman races and other crazy endurance events takes its toll and sometimes I wonder myself how do I fit things in, but if you enjoy it, you’ll find time, believe me!

It can be quite daunting at first when you listen to stories of what other people are doing in their training programmes, or reading the numerous books and articles out there, but if you are determined to complete your event, allow time for training and just as importantly, for your recovery. You will succeed.

What to consider for your custom bike design

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Buying a Dassi provides you with the opportunity to design your ideal bike, something which reflects the very essence of your personality. The choice of components, the colour, design, and saddle coverings are just some of the items that are available to you to create your own cycling masterpiece. Just like you, your Dassi bike is unique, the only limit really is your imagination.

Filming behind the scenes with GCN

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A couple of weeks ago we accompanied Si Richardson and Hugh Farrow of GCN to the factory in Wales which manufactures the Graphene that we use for our bike frames.

It was a Thursday, the Thursday that in the UK had significant snow fall in the forecast arriving in the West and then moving steadily along the M4 corridor during the evening rush hour ! Exactly on our route to and from Wales.

However, we arrived without incident in the Dassi van, carrying the Dassi Interceptor™ in Graphene – well we didn’t want to risk that on the top of a car in driving snow, did we ?

Dassi Prize Awarded to University of Bristol student

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At the end of last year, while meeting with some staff and students at the University of Bristol to discuss various research projects, Stuart took the chance to present the Dassi prize for the ‘Best Mark in CDT Taught Component’ to student, Vincent Maes.

Dassi bikes supports The Hope Foundation

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Join us on Thursday 2nd February 2017 at Canary Wharf shopping Mall, Jubilee Place from 11am to 3pm and support the #CompetitiveCycle Challenge for HOPE.